Wrapping an R170 SLK

I Wrapped this cheapie SLK I bought as an interim when I was waiting for the AMG.


I bought a very cheap 320 and wrapped it to cover some ‘imperfections’. Bonnet reworked and debadged. In this photo the front wing, pillar and top of windscreen panels have been wrapped already. Rear view wing mirror was ‘interesting’ managed to get them covered with liberal use of heat on the vinyl. Bonnet was debadged because it had rusted badly around the badge. Patches were sanded back to bare metal, filled, primed, prepped as for painting and then wrapped. Vinyl covering will show up poor preparation just like paint will!


Front end wrapped over reworks


Wrapping the boot lid in a single piece was a bit of a mission. It took several hours work to get it just right. There are basically two convex curves intersecting at the boot lip spoiler and you end up with ‘spare’ material, fortunately the number plate recess can be used to swallow it!


Pillar, roof, boot and petrol cap wrapped. Rear wing to do, just started sanding back the rust on the arches. I did all of this in my driveway over 2 weekends. Sold the car for twice what I paid for it! Wrap materials cost me about £200.




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