DSC_0011 Winter Wheels

and Summer 2015-03-31 17.01.48


V-8 Logo on Fenders – Done
OEM Mercedes bluetooth – Done
Stubby aerial – Done
SmartTop – Done
x-Pipe – Done
SprintBooster – Done
Cup holder delete – Done
C Pillar carbon vinyl – Done
USB in car charging – Done
Seatbelt buckle ‘sock mod’ – Done
Dashcam ( wired in )- Done
Sms tracker – Done
Winter alloys ( DRG 5 spoke) – Done
Summer Alloys ( AMG 18 spoke Anthracite finish ) – Done
Auto dim rear view mirror – Done!

Lower tray cup holder – to do
Black Headlight reflectors – to do
Paddle / button gearshift swap – to do
Kerb alert ( curb alert ) – to do

PiechoFenders – Perhaps one day!

C Pillar carbon vinyl finish
Trims before the application

Vinyl applied, before trimming to size

Both pillars done.


Battery box drain clogged results in a built in jacuzzi!


Auto dim interior rear view mirror

Cars with the interior lighting pack are not compatible  with the auto dimming rear view mirror option …… seemed like a challenge to me!

The ADmirror has a forward facing sensor to sense when it’s dark outside and a rearward facing sensor to pick up a following cars headlights. The internal structure of the lighting package mirror has two downlighters and some internal webs that make it difficult to fit the autodim mirror to the mirror/light shell. However a bit of tinkering and I managed to get it working!

20150201_082433Inside the standard ‘lighting pack’ mirror

20150201_082427and the inside of an autodim mirror

20150201_082516The cutout required for the forward sensor20150201_082531

20150201_082525Needs to be made in the corner between the post and the downlighter housing


20150201_082925Clearance issues with the internal ribbing20150201_082935



20150201_082618the supply for the mirror is taken from the ambient lighting indicator.20150201_092602


20150201_092611Cutting the ribbing away.

All back together


GPS Issues

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