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Some interesting images if I capture them.

A sea fog formed in the space of about an hour on the afternoon of 20/05/2020. It got very hazy out over the water, the windmills did one of their disappearing tricks and then the haze thickened up into a real sea-fog. As I type this it has been present for about an hour and starts right on the beach, inland it is lovely and clear but there is a decidedly chilly breeze coming off the sea. This on possibly the hottest day of the year so far. I had to go in to the office today and it was a glorious 26 degrees C. ( recorded as the highest temp at Hawarden airfield ). Sea fogs form when warm, moist air moves over colder water. The cold water brings the air to it’s dew point and you basically get ‘cloud’ forming at sea level. From an aircraft this would look like a blanket of cloud out to sea.

Sea Fog

Rain sunrise

We get some spectacular sunrises and sunsets here. This mornings spectacular display! Clear skies out to the East with the remnants of a noisy thunderstorm early this morning to the West, no doubt brought on by overdevelopment driven by the high temperatures inland yesterday.