I’m a petrol head, deal with it!

I have driven all over Europe and have dragged a sailplane trailer to some interesting places. Not many people have circled the Arc-de-Triomf in a 4*4 Discovery towing an open class glider in a trailer, wound the combination up to 100 mph or turned it all around on a farmers track on the French / Spanish border.

Driving to Greece. Some guidance notes on going to Greece by road, something I’ve done a dozen times to take stuff too or recover from our boat in Greece.

The Marigold affair A memorable trip from Preveza to the UK. In a car with no windscreen wipers …… in the winter ….. and over the top of the Alps!

The international affair at Sivota: Anchors drag ………

Wrapping an SLK 320

SLK 55 AMG‘s